Zoe Nixon in Growth spurt

tittyattack zoe nixon 003 Zoe Nixon in Growth spurt

Zoe Nixon had her friend Richy that worked as a manager at a lingerie store. He always hooks her up with new bras but recently shes gone through a bit of a growth spurt and her old bras don’t fit anymore. She called Richy and he came running to help.

tittyattack zoe nixon 311 Zoe Nixon in Growth spurt

He couldn’t believe it but he measured her tits and felt them up to make sure. They were bigger alright. Way bigger. Zoe has some pretty huge tits now. So big in fact that Richy forgot his training as a lingerie manager and started squeezing and sucking on her nipples.

tittyattack zoe nixon 416 Zoe Nixon in Growth spurt

He fucked her face and she had some impressive deepthroat skills.

tittyattack zoe nixon 509 Zoe Nixon in Growth spurt

But the best part was when she leaned back and spread her legs and her massive tits bounced and jiggled up and down as her pussy was getting pounded! Then like a good girl she jerked his cock off all over her tits!

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